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  Chen Yi Electric Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 and has been a supplier for the Electro-Magnet. The major products of this company include AC/DC solenoids¡BOpen Frame Solenoids¡BTubular Solenoids¡BDC Open Frame Solenoid¡BDC Rotary Solenoid¡BElectromagnet¡BRelay, etc. The company is capable of providing or designing the Electro-Magnet as per the client¡¦s demanded specifications; or manufacturing the Electro-Magnet in accordance with client¡¦s own design pattern.
  This company has been continually accumulating relative manufacturing experiences since the period of more 20 years in devotion to the development of renovative products and maintaining high quality control.
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  This company is endeavoring in the studies of the core technique of electro-magnet and is always keeping a goal of meeting all client¡¦s requirements. Our ambitions, and as our duties, are incessant renovation, upgrading our market competitiveness, and consequently becoming one of leading manufacturers in the international market of electro-magnet.
You are always welcome to contact or call upon us for any special requirements; we of course shall be most happy to serve you in all respects.
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